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Care and maintenance of a lawn always depends on the type of grass you have installed. The information below is general. Electric Lawns will design your lawn and maintenance program individually to your variety of turf.


To create a healthy, beautiful, low maintenance lawn you need to be on top of your Lawn Mowing routine.

A regular Lawn Mowing service by Electric Lawns helps reduce weeds, grubs and makes the lawn less prone to disease promoting healthy coverage - mulching the lawn clippings also has its bonuses by transferring beneficial nutrients from the lawn clippings back into the earth.  Plus a freshly mowed lawn not only looks good but also smells magnificent.

Lawn varieties have different mowing demands and knowing these fundamentals will make a huge difference to the health and condition of your lawn!

All Electric Lawns equipment is maintained and checked for sharp blades to prevent damage to your lawn.


Lawn clippings can be mulched by our mowers back down into the soil. Returning clippings to the lawn will return important nutrients to the soil reducing extra fertilizer demands. Lawn clippings should be dispersed evenly across the lawn so as not to obscure the grass. Electric Lawns can also catch and collect the grass clippings leaving a nice clean looking lawn, but this then will require fertilizer to be added to help keep the lawn healthy and green.


around four applications of fertilizer per year can benefit your lawn with at least one application early Spring which will really get your lawn looking at its best. but be warned that over fertilizing can damage a lawn. Electric Lawns can design you a fertilizer program if you wish to leave this up to us.

Controlling lawn weeds is vital to the health and appearance of your lawn. We offer a lawn weed spraying service to ensure a healthy lawn.

Let me know if I can help you with any Garden Maintenance or provide you with a Lawn Mowing service in the Northern Beaches or North Shore. Please contact me for a free quote.

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